Lactate Metabolism
Lactate is a marker for the assessment of tissue perfusion and oxidative capacity during surgery or in emergency trauma situations. Lactate measurements can also be used to determine the anaerobic threshold during physical exercise.

Molecular Biometrics is developing a non-invasive device for the determination of lactate levels in blood using its technology platform. The non-invasive nature of this device permits continuous measurements of blood lactate to be made in a non-invasive manner. Lactate monitoring is of significant importance in monitoring critical care patients and in exercise physiology, where blood lactate can be used as a marker of global cellular function.
Pulmonary Metabolism
Pulmonary edema is an increased accumulation of liquid in the extravascular spaces of the lung. In normal lungs, small amounts of liquid filter out of the microcirculatory system and enter the interstitial space. Some is then reabsorbed and any excess liquid is drained by the lymphatic system out to the systemic veins.

Molecular Biometrics is also developing a non-invasive device for the early diagnosis of pulmonary edema. Traditional diagnosis of pulmonary edema relies on conventional chest radiographs. These radiographs only provide an effective diagnosis at advanced stages of pulmonary edema. Molecular Biometrics’ device aims to provide continuous, non-invasive and quantitative assessment of pulmonary edema.